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"let me just put it this way, i was moving houses, and didn't have my Varunizer for 3 weeks, and i almost died! I noticed how i had to drink 2-3 times the amount of regular water to hydrate me the way the Varunizer did, that my energy levels were not the same, and that my body was literally begging me for the water. I could go on and on about how i use the Varunizer for different things around the house, but this was the big wake up call for me.

Thanks for helping me balance my weight, and most of all, increase my hydration and energy levels. I actually enjoy drinking water again." - Vanessa D, Vancouver, BC

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..."using the Varunizer has helped with lots of small things that i would have otherwise have spent lots of money on. I have used it for cleaning the whole house, from mopping floors, to cleaning countertops, dishes windows. I use it to fill all my bottles when i leave the house, and i feel much more hydrated drinking the water. I don't buy bottles of water anymore, which has saved me money, and the environment.

Before, i had trouble drinking too much tap water because of the taste, and because of the heaviness. Now, i drink it easily, and have even begun noticing my physical features begin to improve.

I have recently started using it on the skin, and have noticed it helps my dryness. I no longer need to use expensive skin products, especially when i get out of the shower. I just have a little container of the ph 5 water to rinse with, and it balances my skin very nicely."

Daljit Bhagga- Vancouver, BC Canada

"So let me tell you about MY story and how I found Ayan Water

I have a family with 3 kids, and i have suffered from Acid Reflux, chronic lower back pain, low energy, and was put on medication. Seems like a pretty standard story in today's world. A friend introduced me to the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water through the Enagic Home Demonstrations, and i was blown away by the RESULTS.

Literally, thousands of people around the world experiencing healing.

I did not buy on the spot, thank goodness, and wen't home to do some research because TODAY we have the INTERNET and can do such things. How nice.. and what did i discover? 

The Ayan Varunizer- I discovered that there was a unit even BETTER than the most expensive unit that Kangen sells, at half the price!

My instinct was to discount it as 'too good to be true', until they showed me Kangen's MLM Commission Chart.

My Jaw Dropped. I thought, '8 people are making a total of $2300 from MY hard earned money, BEFORE Kangen even takes their cut?' NO WAY! 

I didn't want to join an MLM, i just wanted to drink this water, help myself heal, and share this healing with others!

I called the staff at Ayan, they were amazing, and assured me that i could try the water for 30 days until i decided that i absolutely liked it. Now, i tried the Kangen Water previously for 30 days so i would KNOW if the water was not the same.

I ordered an Ayan Varunizer, got it one week later, hooked it up; The first week i drank more water than i drank in the entire month previous, and within 2 months, my acid reflux was GONE.

No more medications, my energy levels have increased WAY beyond what i thought was NORMAL before.. and i have even lost weight!

My kids feel great, one of their eczema conditions has disappeared, and i feel happy each day to know that they are getting the best, and not drinking toxins in each cup.

I am grateful that Kangen Enagic introduced me to this incredible water, but i am SO glad that i got a superior device in the Ayan Varunizer with double the warranty for $2000+ savings, AND i am using that savings to have a nice vacation.

If you are humming and hawwing about it STILL being too expensive like i was, think again.

$2200 is a small sum for a lifetime of healing and disease prevention. 

Thank you Ayan Water!


Marilyn McCray



Other Alkaline Ionized Water Testimonials:


Detoxification, Energy, Hair, and Skin
"I have been drinking the high alkaline water and using the acid stream as an astringent for almost a year now. I found amazing benefits in both. The first noticeable change was in the detoxification qualities of the alkaline stream.

My body started cleaning itself within 3 days of starting, and has become more regular than I can remember. I have more energy, sleep better and can focus on long tasks without becoming sluggish and tired. I use the alkaline water for cooking. I found that water boils approximately 2/3 faster than tap water, foods cook faster, vegetables look brighter and taste better. I believe that more of the nutrients stay in the food, which is a benefit.

The benefits of the acid stream as an astringent and a cleaning agent are second to none. I have natural curly hair which was always frizzy and felt like wire. Rinsing with acid water after shampooing and spraying twice daily has resulted in soft, shiny, silky curls. I spray my entire body with acid water after my shower, dry skin is no longer a problem, small skin irritations have disappeared.

Using acid water as a cleaning agent, I found that it neutralized strong cleaner odors, leaving a clean fresh scent. Using acid water in humidifiers and small water fountains has resulted in less scale build up, and helps remove odors from the air such as smoke."
S. Peters - Grand Cache

Water Retention in Legs and Rash
I am 78 years old and have started drinking just three glasses of high alkaline ionized water per day. I was prescribed 3 blood pressure pills (water pills) per day because of water retention in my legs and feet, which were always swollen.Just after one week of drinking this Living Water, I am no longer taking this medication, I have no swelling in my legs. I have more energy, sleep better and have lost 5 pounds in one week. I am looking forward to becoming even healthier. I have increased to 4 glasses per day and will continue to drink this healing nectar that has changed my life.

I have had a skin rash, itching, redness and infections in the fold of my belly where I had an operation 15 years ago. I have tried medication, salves, corn starch and even tried cotton cloth to try and stop the itching, redness and frequent infections. I started spraying my entire body with the acid water twice daily, morning and evening, and sprayed the fold line every time I used the washroom. To my amazement, there was instant relief and just after 5 days, 15 years of suffering was over, no redness, itching or irritation. Imagine my surprise, wonder and excitement to finally feel great. My hair and entire body feels softer, smoother and healthier. To think the simplicity of acid water healed me where many medications failed. Thank you for my Water Ionizer.
H. Pidborochynski - Spruce Grove, AB

Allergies, Arthritis, Nasal Polyps, High Blood pressure
"I have suffered from horrible allergies resulting from nasal polyps‚ (So I was told), and had to be on steroids to reduce the inflammation and congestion. Within about a year after that I developed‚ high blood pressure‚ as a result of the steroids, so I was told and as you can imagine I had to have one drug to fix one thing then another for a problem for that etc

Talk about great marketing if you are a drug manufacturer!!

Bottom Line!! I have virtually no more allergies, and what I mean by that is I can BREATHE!! Without the medication!! (No waking up in the morning hacking and spiting phlegm). My blood pressure is NORMAL!!

I forgot to mention my diagnosis of Chronic Arthritis‚ last year in my lower back in which I became a fan of pain killers‚ (try running a business in that constant state) 99% GONE!!"

Glen Lyles, Orlando Florida

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
"The demands of being a successful businessman and entrepreneur had caused my health to decline. I had adult onset diabetes, hypertension and struggled with my weight. A good friend introduced me to alkaline water. Within one year, I lost almost 80 pounds, stabilized my blood sugar and got off the medication for high blood pressure. I was stunned and very excited about the results from drinking this special water and alkalizing my body."
Michael Moon

Chronic Fatigue

"I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with chronic fatigue a little over 2 years ago….

After trudging from one doctor to the next with exhaustive and expensive tests we discovered a few causes which were predominantly diet based. So how to fix this problem: after 40 odd years of ingesting foods that my body couldn't tolerate I had to change my diet and cut these food groups out, this alone is not an overnight fix due to the build up in my system.

I then went on what I call the search for the "holy grail of energy" I have spent thousands on health supplements and whilst some have worked for a while others were just a waste of money, but when you are desperate you will try anything to get your life back to normal…. Then our good friend Jody returned from overseas singing the virtues of the water ionizer and told me 2 years is too long for me to be feeling this way.

We then installed the Ionizer beginning of May this year and I haven't looked back since… My energy levels have improved daily, I even spent 6 hours trudging around the city on a shopping spree a couple of weeks ago – that alone is a miracle in itself. I have since stopped taking all supplements and am now only drinking the water and I am feeling fantastic, in fact I was on my feet all day Saturday and went to a party that night – that is one amazing feat to a person who suffers CFS even more amazing I have had no "Payback" the following day, where as I would have been laid up for days had I attempted this before Ionized water...this alkaline water to date has improved my health and energy levels 10 fold, in fact it could quite possibly be the "Holy Grail of Energy". I would encourage everybody to drink this amazing water either to help an aliment or just as insurance to stay healthy."
Sue Hastie, Victoria

Weight Loss

I went on the Ionized water just to help get over a stressful time after hearing I had cancer cells in my prostrate. After 8 weeks on the 9.5pH water drinking 3 to 4 liters a day I have lost 6kilos and feel great. All my doctors, both western and Chinese health specialists are amazed the weight loss was from my waist which has been near impossible to shift in the past. I have now become an advocate of drinking this healthy, clean, life giving water. This is after 33 years working as a sports masseur who thought he knew everything.
John Curran – Melbourne

Professional Atheletic Training

"Personally I have never feel better since I started drinking ionized water. I feel so much more alert and sharper. It's like a fog has lifted. As for the athletes I train, I would never have believed it unless I had seen it. That ionized water could make such a remarkable different to ones performance. They have more energy, don't fatigue as quickly under stress and stay hydrated for longer. As their bodies are not as stressed they are more settled and relaxed in themselves. This allows them to make and execute great decisions under extreme pressure. Isn't that the aim of every professional sports person?

Regardless of who you are, if you take your health seriously you must be drinking Alkaline Ionized Water "
Ray Giles – World Champion Professional Trainer, Coach and Conditioner

"As an elite athlete, I have to do everything I can to be in the best possible health so I can do the training necessary to be a champion.  What I put in my body is just as important as how hard I train.  Alkaline water is an important part of my hydration in training.  My body is a high performance machine and water is its fuel.  To be at my best and strongest , I drink the highest quality water."
Malcolm Howard- Olympic Gold Medalist- Rowing

"While preparing for a recent World Cup event in Holland (in November 2008), I was introduced to the benefits of ionized water by a therapist. I discovered that many other elite athletes had been drinking the ionized water, and I learned from first hand experience the benefits it provided in recovery and lactic acid tolerance. After a week of testing it out on myself, I could not believe the difference in how I felt after the extreme efforts of training and racing."
Sports- Clara Hughes- 6 time olympic medalist- cycling and skating